Full rock concerts: Patti Smith is there

The climate today is certainly not conducive to thinking about autumn, and if we talk about music, what comes to mind is not a theater or a gym, but a square. But the “absentee” season is not so far away, and therefore it is worth summing up the situation, if only to remind the most absent-minded fans about buying a ticket to the concert of their favorite artist.

The lion’s share, as always, is occupied by Ancona with the Teatro Muses and PalaPrometeo and Senigallia with Teatro La Fenice and Mamamia. The first event on the calendar will take place at Massimo Dorico, where the immortal Elio e le Storie Tese will perform on October 20th. It will be a kind of concert show with which the group will repeat their career, a crazy and thoughtful journey together through the “Land of Persimmon”, that is, Italy, between irony, fun and a taste for the absurd.

The next day in Mamamia a group of a completely different genre. This is Negrita, who, after a three-year acoustic tour of theaters, returns to the best clubs in an electric version. As we read in the tour presentation, “There’s nothing more rocky than cranking up the amps to ten and letting yourself hit the boards of a club stage. Down with stools at acoustic concerts. Back to jumping, back to electric guitar.” “. Patti Smith’s unmissable concert will take place on November 28 at the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona.

From late October to November, Mamamia established itself as a “young” place. Let’s start on the 28th with Il Tre, the pseudonym of the Roman rapper Guido Luigi Senia, who became popular thanks to his victory at “One Shot Game”. The debut album “Ali” debuted at the top of the FIMI chart, going platinum.

On November 10 it will be the turn of Aiello, a singer-songwriter who boasts three albums and successful singles such as “veniremi (ballerina)”, a gold record, “Arsenico”, a platinum record and “Ora”, released in Sanremo. On November 18, Fred De Palma, the author of such hits as “Paloma,” “Ti Acerò,” which became the soundtrack to the Wind Tre commercial with Fiorello, and “Romance,” will perform at Mamamia.

Between the end of October and November, the protagonist is Ancona, which receives a trio of aces: on the 31st the Muse will stage “PFM canta De André”, on the 3rd and 4th November PalaPrometeo will be stormed by Ligabue fans and on the 8th Vinicio Capossela again will arrive at Muse. Names that don’t need any special introduction. The collaboration between PFM and Fabrizio De Andre is part of Italian pop history, with Ligabue competing with Vasco Rossi for the title of Italy’s most beloved rocker. As for Capossela, each of his albums is an event, including the latest “Thirteen Current Songs.” November will end with a concert by Rafael Gualazzi at the La Fenice Theater, where Max Gazze will perform on December 16.

Two songwriters who are different from each other, but always capable of delivering something original. The last concert of 2023 (as of today) will be “Mania The Abba Tribute” on December 19th at Muse, a signature tribute to the great Swedish band. The theater is also announcing concerts for 2024 with Massimo Ranieri (January 7), a veritable evergreen of local pop, and other tributes such as Morricone’s Discovery (January 18) and two Queen tributes: We Will Rock you. (January 20) and “The Queen at the Opera” (March 29).

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