Gal Gadot on Fast X’s comeback: “The timing was right” | Movie

In Fast and Furious X, the tenth chapter of the Fast and Furious saga, we witnessed the return to the stage of Gisele Gal Gadot, who everyone thought was dead in episode six.

In the pages of Games Radar/Total Film, Gal Gadot was able to talk about this new entry in Universal’s popular saga, but she explained that she couldn’t reveal anything about the future:

Wow. I would like to say something, but if I reveal anything to you, someone will burst into the room and gag me. Fast & Furious was the first movie I did as an actress, they gave me my first break, my first break in Hollywood. And I will always be grateful for that; I am the community. They are like a family. We still continue to hear each other. They have a special place in my heart and it’s very emotional. I think the Fast saga is building a huge, incredible and dedicated fan base like no other franchise. I haven’t seen this happen anywhere else, you know? And given my love for them, the love of the fans, and my love for the fans, this time was right. And it’s very interesting.

Quick X in theaters May 18. All information about the tenth chapter of the saga can be found in our movie profile.

SOURCE: gamesradar

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