Gal Gadot shows off her knowledge of Italian in a new video: the result is hilarious

What does he know Gal Gadot of Italy? That’s the question the actress answered in a funny video made for the sponsorship of Goodlesa well-known Mac & Cheese brand of which the actress is one of the promotional faces.

In the video we hear a man say: “I’ll give you a word and in thirty seconds you’ll have to tell me everything that comes to mind”. Upon revealing the term, which of course is Italy, the actress begins to list a series of words, starting with “eating” and initially remaining in the culinary sphere, immediately adding “rigatoni” and “ravioli”. She then goes on to test her knowledge of geography, mentioning “Rome”, “Milan” and “Sicily”. Among other mentions, also the phrase “I am Gal, how are you, everything is fine?”, followed by a hilarious list of words ranging from “Colosseo” to “pantalone”.


Gal Gadot, we remember, after appearing in Murder on the Nile by Kenneth Branagh will return to the cinema in the cinecomic Shazam! Fury of the Gods, where she will reprise her Wonder Woman role. Other projects currently in the works include the spy thriller Heart of stonearriving in 2023, and the live-action adaptation of snow-whitewhose release is scheduled for 2024. Here the actress will lend her face to the evil witch Grimilde, the main antagonist of the main character, played instead by Rachel Zegler.

What do you think of the footage shared by Gal Gadot? Promoted or rejected?

Photo: Getty (Stephane Cardinale – Corbis)


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