Galicia records first flu death, 18 new hospital admissions this month

The last flu season lasted from October to October, and as of the beginning of this month, a total of 1,542 Galicians had required hospitalization due to complications from the disease, more than 100 people were in intensive care, and 69 people had died, including 11 cases that Sergas believes It’s caused by the flu. According to data released by the Ministry of Health, the new epidemic season began in early October this year. So far, 18 hospitalizations have been reported, and the first infected person has appeared.

Specifically, in his third report of the quarter on the 15th, he noted that seven flu patients were admitted to the hospital last week, which was “consistent” with previous reports and the situation so far this quarter. A total of 18 people were hospitalized, all infected with type A virus, 60% of whom were of the AH3N2 subtype. “No one was admitted to intensive care, but one person died, thought to be from influenza,” the announcement said.

If flu season starts in October, this is also the month to get vaccinated. The first report from the Ministry of Health shows that as of Tuesday, 16.5% of Galicians over 60 years old have been vaccinated, although among those over 85 years old, more than half (55.6%) have been vaccinated , the number of vaccinated minors increased to 3,772, with a coverage rate of 5.4%.

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