Gargallada, 14 years of laughter with the troupe from Valdeoras

The public from Barcelona were the first to applaud the latest creation Gargallada Teatro: “Crónica dun pobo”, based on text by actor, comedian and cartoonist Miguel Gila Cuesta “Gila” (Madrid, 1919 – Barcelona, ​​2001). This comedy is his 16th on stage A group of acting enthusiasts for a theater workshop organized by Concello de O Barco in 2009 and coordinated by Pilar Alonso.

All his works are comedies As Manuel Caramés, director of “Crónica dun pobo” points out, “This is where we are heading.” It must be noted that on this occasion, humorous nuances accompany the dramatic Hint, because it deals with a very serious issue: war. “It’s a reflection on the aftermath of war, who suffers or suffers, or is less responsible for it,” he explains.

The play originated from a play about the history of Valdeoras, based on a text by Gustavo Docampo, a member of the various theater fan groups in the region – O Barco, Arcos, Vilamartín or A Rúa – Performing in the surrounding area. Silhouette of medieval tower of Ocastro. The experience couldn’t be more satisfying. Everyone asked for it to be repeated.

“Utena stopped this text message from Gila. These are two short films that have never been released in that version with that group of people. It was a very rewarding experience because they were there to participate and Friendly and hard-working people,” commented Manuel Caramés.

It was this good vibe that brought 13 actors to the stage of Lauro Olmo Theater on Friday and Saturday. Gargallada Teatro’s ‘love’ in town This has a lot to do with bringing their show to the auditorium for two days, as the company intends to ensure that no one who shows interest fails to see their work.

The plot of “Crónica dun pobo” consists of two parts. The first film follows two soldiers, a sailor and a blacksmith, who fight on different sides and are friends and foes at the same time. In the initial performance segment, other actors representing ordinary people affected by the conflict were also involved. Next, the focus turns to authoritarian regimes. Here, the director explains, a dictator and his entourage stage a “grotesque farce, with childish and biting humor.”

O Barco is the starting point for a show that will go to O Carballiño on September 14th.

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