Gastroenteritis-causing parasite moves from Tarazona to more towns

Recent analysis Drinking water in the city of Tarazona Zaragoza Confirmed to exist ‘Cryptosporidium’ protozoan linked to recent gastroenteritis outbreak This has affected There are 394 people in the town. But it doesn’t just happen in Tarazona.

The public health department of the Aragonese government warns three other Aragonese towns (Novalas, Torreras and Los Fayos) to adopt children Same water restrictions as the Tarazona City Council.

That is to say: Deterioration in water quality due to the effects of bacteria has spread from town to town. According to informed sources, the same situation is also occurring in other cities along the Navarra coast and even in Tudela. So far, neither Tarazona nor other cities have given an explanation. Why water is polluted. The source of infection is unknown.

As this newspaper has already published, according to sources close to the Ebro Hydrological Federation, this situation is caused by the poor quality of the water in the Var reservoir, located in the municipality of Los Fayos, Aragon, which receives Levels of water pollution are high due to intense pressure from industry and livestock farming. This also causes them to have a negative impact on the quality of the Quayles River and its feeding streams, Same river as Tarazona or others who are already subject to restrictions.

In fact, this situation has Reported to the Prosecutor’s Office in recent years and known to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ebro Hydrological Federation. The explanation for this is well known: the discharge of wastewater from the upper reaches of the Queles River through Tarazona, especially between the municipalities of Olbega and Agreda, exceeds the permitted pollutant levels and ends up in the Var Reservoir, The reservoir then supplies the Quailes River. The companies marked with emission authorizations are Campofrío and Distiller.

More city restrictions

Affected town councils They have issued municipal orders due to water contamination The same restrictions that have been in place for a week in Tarazona are in place. According to details from Public Health, there are two lines of work. first, Continue to investigate where the focus is, how and where the water is contaminated, and adopt the most effective treatment methods. To this end, Seprona has been contacted in case earthworks or any other activity takes place in the area and investigations are ongoing.

Secondly, we contacted companies and researchers in Madrid, Valencia, analytical centers in different locations and the University of Zaragoza itself, from where we received advice to understand what was happening.The most appropriate reasons are explained by consulting experts Aragon today The water in the upper Quailes River is polluted by heavy industry.

Sanitation Committee, Jose Luis Bancalero Floresthank the public health technicians for their Ongoing collaboration with the Tarazona City Council. The number of cases registered so far is 408. But Aragonese government sources consulted are convinced there will be more cases in the coming days.

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