Gemini Man: Surprise Will Smith CGI Revealed | Movie

Directed by Ang Lee Gemini Man (2019) tells the story of Henry Brogan (Will Smith), a former assassin who becomes the target of a mysterious assassin. Brogan will discover that the person following his trail is none other than his clone, 25 years younger than him.

The film flopped despite the presence of Will Smith and the Oscar-winning director, but the CGI work was still quite remarkable.

In fact, CGI was used to stage a young version of Will Smith. But the film’s visual effects supervisor Guy Williams said the facelift wasn’t the only time the actor had CGI. In an interview with Corridor Crew, he said that there is a scene that went completely unnoticed: a motorcycle chase in Colombia in which Borgan pulls a gun. The man on the bike was a stunt featuring Smith’s face. Williams says:

Until that point, he couldn’t ride a bike, so we had to make a very difficult transition from a stunt biker to Will Smith. So once you get this far, the transition becomes almost harder than just continuing to the end of the frame.

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