Georgina Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo’s family disappointed after footballer’s final decision, Georgina Rodriguez: ‘a disgrace’

it’s no secret Georgina Rodriguez’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo’s family It’s not the best. The tense atmosphere, bad posture, and occasional public disagreements made it clear that they didn’t know each other very well.

he Football players have been trying to mediate Although there seems to be no result between the two parties. But now a member of the Aveiro family has launched a plan that will radically change his relationship with Georgina.

As published by the “Look” portal, Cristiano’s family launches new attempt Close stance with Georgina. The footballer’s sister Katia is the person closest to Georgina and she has been trying to bring her mother and her brother’s partner closer together. And now he wants to do it again, taking advantage of the baptism of his daughter Valentina.

Celebrations will be held at Next August 27th in Madeira and invited the whole family. A source close to Aveiros told Look, “Katya wanted to baptize her daughter in Portugal with her family and use this opportunity to not only unite them but also bring them closer. She and George Na gets along well with and wants to take away her mother’s sanbenito. Bad mother-in-law, but she’s not at all. She gets along better with some and less with others. Her intention is to make it a wonderful celebrations, Provided a photo of a unified tribe,” said a source close to the family.

“Cristiano’s family are doing everything they can so that Gio and the children can be there with or without him. They are particularly pleased that Georgina felt like she was becoming one. ” But the attempts appear to have fallen on deaf ears, as confirmed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s brother.

It’s a shame, but it won’t come eventually. He’s already playing in Saudi Arabia, but we’re not right next door.Even if I have a plane Those days are not easy to come”, explained Ugo Aveiro to “Madeira Diary”.

What most surprised the couple’s followers was that Georgina wouldn’t be going either, although the influencer could go with the children, while the footballer Continue the game.

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