Georgina makes her prime-time debut as the soap opera’s ‘protagonist’


Georgina Rodriguez It’s not a favorite genre in Portugal. The new arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo is news every day, and not just because of the CR7 factor. Other news for all players, some media such as Irina Shayk or Nereid Gallardo, but none of them had such star and fame as the Spanish-Argentine one. In the old country, its popularity has grown to such an extent that until a week ago viewers could feel comfortable on the sofa at home and in Georgina during prime time. Yes, we don’t mean documentary reality I’m Georgina or because you decided to take part in some American television program. The reason lies in the appearance of the new telenovela. Papel Director – The Portuguese love watching telenovelas just as much as before. PRIME time– where a person inspired by Haka appears. LOOKS stores all data.

Georgina Rodriguez at Cannes 2023 / Gtres

Sofia Arruda is a beautiful Portuguese actress, quite famous and in demand. He has spent over a decade interpreting a wide variety of stories in television series and telenovelas. En Papel Directorrecent peak of cadena SICplays Denise, a young ambitious WAG whose greatest aspiration in life is the basis daddy it saves it. The character, whom she described as a “true sweetheart”, did not lose sight of herself and became her own artist, who admitted that Georgina inspired her to give her life in the “culebron” of the nights. In statements in the magazine TV 7 DIASophia spoke about her character and how she returned to the football team to build it: “Denise is sort of Georgina’s number one fan. A millionaire is one who seeks in life, who supports it. In a soap opera we will see how time passes calls out to the hombres to remember that in everything she thinks she needs. She comes from humble origins, and although she doesn’t find someone to take her to a repair shop, she works at a place that serves bacon snacks to her customers.”

Georgina Rodriguez at an event in Madrid / Gtres

Primetime telenovela in a year rivaling Cristiano’s

Los viewers of the telenovela no one showed their curiosity about this curiosity and the names Georgina and Sofia Arruda they were constantly connected in social circles. In this case, Gio sees himself as a genuine role model for a certain type of woman. In truth, they are offensive, the character of Denise is imbued with humor and endowed with the human kindness that Sofia Arruda knew how to give her. What shouldn’t be curious is that Papel Director It is being broadcast on SIC, the rival arm of CMTV, as Ronaldo is about to become Portugal’s “Berlusconi”. A spectator war that has no respite for a moment, the telenovela’s numbers are quite restrained, having experienced the worst external manifestations of the telenovela in the last 15 years in Portugal. The Portuguese will probably prefer the original Georgina.

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