Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo own a successful business and make a lot of money from it

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo own a successful business and make a lot of money from itEuropean Publishing House; Javier Ramirez

Georgina Rodriguez She is going through one of the worst moments since her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. She is currently involved in a lawsuit. In a time before she became world famous, she fought for her rights to privacy and honor. Meanwhile, the influencer continues her glamorous routine with One of his least talked about hits: Her work as a businesswoman.

Georgina has been General Manager of Insparya Hair Medical SL for five years, a company dedicated to hair transplantation with clinics in Madrid, Marbella and Valencia.An emerging business doing very well: Total assets exceed 4 million euros, and have successfully issued invoices of more than 10.5 million euros, with profits of nearly 2 million euros. Considering these numbers, there is no doubt that this is one of the Spanish celebrity’s strengths. Likewise, Georgina Rodríguez is a regular on the red carpets of prestigious festivals such as Cannes or Venice, She appears in some of the most important fashion shows in the world wearing gorgeous haute couture gowns.

The Spanish woman is the company’s top leader, working alongside her co-founder and co-manager Paulo Joaquim Silva Ramos. Likewise, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the same position within the company. The company also has several clinics in Portugal and Italy, managed by teams of football players, with the aim of diversifying its income and entering the business world.

future projects

However, Insparya Hair Medical SL isn’t the only investment outside the competitive space.It is understood that youGeorgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo both own a water company, a hotel chain and a sports center, which brings them numerous benefits. Looking to the near future, the couple may invest €20 million over the next three years to expand their hairdressing business. In addition to maintaining clinics, they are also located in other European capitals.

so, Everything seems to indicate that they want to be a leading company in this field and a global leader. This is not surprising considering their ambitious projects and business plans. In this way, both footballers and models broaden their horizons outside of their profession.

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