Georgina Rodríguez Criticized for Wearing Provocative Red Dress in Venice

Georgina Rodriguez attended Venice Festival For the fifth year in a row, she caused quite a stir in a fiery red dress with a signature neckline.

On the red carpet, the couple Cristiano Ronaldo She opted for a sweetheart neckline and dropped shoulders in red. The suit also came with long white gloves and the odd pair of ankle boots with huge black patent leather platform soles.

Georgina Rodríguez lamented the design; however, it was criticized on social networks as users felt it was indeed redundant. Plus, she doesn’t like the fabric of the dress, which sometimes even looks like she’s showing underwear.

Georgina Rodriguez and her red dress


“First time seeing this unattractive look of yours, although this is a chance to highlight your beauty and figure”, “Not prosthetics below the collarbone!! You have to change them”, this is what the post reads Comment.

Georgina Rodriguez shared several photos from the evening on Instagram, including an actress Julia Roberts, The same dress was worn in the movie “Pretty Woman”.

Georgina Rodriguez


Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo: A Love Story

Their love story began in 2016 when Georgina Rodriguez i am a salesperson in a gucci store Christian PHe decided to close the store so he could shop with his older son. In fact, both declared it was love at first sight.

Later, when they started married life, the Argentinian model adopted the footballer’s three oldest children as her own.

She later gave birth to his first daughter with him, and later became pregnant and gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, she lost the boy in childbirth and only the girl survived.

Georgina and Cristiano are back where they met


Leaving Madrid to continue their journey to Juventus before returning to Manchester United, the couple and their children packed their bags and headed to Saudi Arabia to start a new life with Al Nasr.

Now that Georgina and Cristiano have reached a new stage in their lives in Saudi Arabia, there has been much speculation as to whether they will get married, as the country’s laws do not allow couples to live under the same roof without being married, despite the media saying Guarantee that the authorities will turn a blind eye.

In 2018, a flurry of rumors broke about a possible engagement, with the ring still on the model’s ring finger and there was even speculation of a secret wedding.

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