Georgina Rodriguez de-glazes with an XXL trench coat and the most glamorous makeup we’ve ever seen.

Just when we thought Georgina Rodriguez couldn’t surprise us anymore, the young “influencer” and businesswoman who lived life with her mouth open, with an ultra-glamorous “look” like we haven’t seen before. To be honest, it is true that we have seen Cristiano Ronaldo’s wedding in a couture suit many times at galas, parties and ceremonies, but not as flashy and spectacular as now. Don’t we believe? Here’s a photo of her taken by makeup artist Sergio Anton De Las Nieves.

For a magazine ‘shoot’ in Saudi Arabia, Georgina posed in a stunning red satin dress and luxurious gold jewellery, although it was her dramatic ‘glamour’ make-up and sweeping hairstyle that caught our attention the most. which has enough of its own personnel, but we don’t have any at all. Extensions, questions? Maybe!

A clean and tight XXL braid perfectly emphasizes Georgina’s style and contributes to the “lifting” effect, which is also achieved in makeup based on applying bronzer to the upper part of the buttocks and a sufficient amount of illuminator on top, along the ascending line. As a result, Gio is very friendly and simply charming…

Like no other form, the Reds were bold with these photos of Georgina, who never stopped receiving praise for what a beautiful girl she is. What do you think of the “look”?

Headshot of Christina Cañedo

Christina is the beauty and lifestyle editor at Cosmopolitan. With over five years of experience in digital magazines, she loves to write about makeup trends, hairstyles, skincare products and celebrity “looks”, as well as culture and “lifestyle” in the broadest sense of the word: you will see it by signing articles about books or music, as well as about games, phrases for all occasions or even dreams – a topic that over time captures many of your interests.

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