Georgina Rodriguez, defender of her home

Although he lived a sad life as documented in the Netflix documentary. I’m Georgina, Georgina Rodriguez doesn’t have to be very careful about what she said about her life before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo. Y, por ello, as reported in the diary ABCI’ll watch the video against the two TV channels next week.

On October 3 and 4 the reason for this will be determined. influencers for one demands that I intervene in the 2021 final. Georgina believes that publishing information about the past was an attack on her honor and intimidation that in their life they did not want anything to coincide with their real life. At the attraction, which will be public, Rodriguez’s presence is not confirmed, you can don’t have to care.

The model representative will arrive at the location by cargo. To Mario Bonacho, one of the world’s leading rear defense specialists, in honor of your intimidation. The focus of your defense will be the fact that the public figure has a background that is uniquely consistent with the role he assumes in relation to it. I want you to be the only couple and woman in your life before 2017.

Part of this life before playing with Cristiano Ronaldo in June 2016 at the club. Gucci in which the works are hidden, which is why they appeared in different means of communication, certainty stormy relationships with some family members and claims to have devoted herself to professions that she never recognized. Even recently, I asked a former company mate who confirmed that Haka was “always trying to get a bike.”

Life after 2017

On the edge of all these limitations that Georgina Rodriguez will discover She once became a public figure after confirming her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. Indeed, she never hid and became a star of the secular elite. Currently there are more than five thousand followers on Instagram from all over the world.

Twice I’m Georgina I’m all his dick. At his estate in Madrid during the last years of the footballer’s work at Real Madrid; in a short time through Turin and through Manchester, a connection with Saudi Arabia appeared are formed taking into account their personal lives, as well as their professional interests in the world of fashion and social circles.

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