GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ PAREJAS | Miguel Angel Silvestre or Alberto Santana: all the famous names of Georgina Rodriguez

External part of the model program Georgina Rodriguez “Soy Georgina” which was launched in 2022, I know that most of the people who wanted to know all the details within influencers th model and about the couple of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the favorite celebrities most admired by the public.

This love story came true 2016when Cristiano Ronaldo came to buy it Gucci store in Madrid where Georgina worked as an employee. From the first moment the glances between them became more obvious. Now I know what series this is. love story which continues to bear fruit today.

“Today I had to get up at five o’clock in the evening, and I called a friend who asked me to wait another half hour to serve a customer. As I was walking up from the store, I saw a very handsome man from two meters away, accompanied by a small boy and a group of friends, I immediately felt nervous and attracted to him” Commented on your model in one of your programs.

Other parts of Georgina Rodriguez

But before this love story, both Georgina and Cristiano had other relationships. In the model’s case, Telecinco’s Fiesta program led to the discovery that she might be having an affair with Alberto Santanaone of the extronists of the program “Women and men and vice versa”. Although this information cannot be confirmed by any of the people involved in the case.

Besides the love of the young there was Javi, the length of “Isla de las Tentaciones”. An affair that went nowhere but made the model realize it was happening. crush adolescence.

But, without a doubt, one of the most distant men to appear in the model’s life was the mystical Miguel Angel Silvestre. He was seen enjoying dinner with a young brunette in one of Madrid terrace. Don’t think it was Georgina until she and Cristiano went public with their relationship.

However, despite the noise, neither of the two tried to confirm that nothing had happened between them. Indeed, like the above love story between a football player and a model, the actor has no doubt about it. congratulate them through social circles with “felicidades”.

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