Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s lady depopulated on social media. Cause

Georgina Rodriguez shows herself super sexy while swimming in the pool, social footage showing Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars.

Georgina Rodriguez captivates his followers with a series of shots in the pool. Hot shots at Riyadh’s huge villa where the girl lives the life of a princess along with her star partner Cristiano Ronaldo.

Villa of a thousand and one nights, which also has a pool. Immediately, the beautiful model graced social networks with frames that have flown around the network, an ideal physique, a generous and plentiful neckline, that’s what captivated fans.

Sexy show Georgina Rodriguez in the pool

Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s lady depopulated on social media. Cause

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If you manage to take your eyes off the perfect body, which is very difficult, there is one detail that catches your eye. The real life of a queen who enchanted her entire kingdom with a fabulous body

In fact, some of the cars that make up the fleet of the king of the Portuguese phenomenon appear in the background. Cristiano Ronaldoin fact, we see a Bentley Continental worth 230 thousand euros and a Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 worth 173 thousand euros.

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