Georgina Rodriguez shows Babando films for Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia | News

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez with their sons Alana, Mateo and Eva Reproduction/Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez, 29, showed off her sons by kissing Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, during a game in Saudi Arabia. On this sixth day (6), the prestigious family breaks up in the match of Al-Nasr against Abha in the Saudi Arabian Championship and does not hide in joy on our fields.

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“Orgulhosos do papai”, draw her in the film in pequena style. Alana Martina5 years old and twins Mateo Ronaldo and Eva Maria, 6, vibrates, welcoming Ronaldo and making heartfelt gestures to greet him.

Koruha paid for the boys at one time, while Ainda at the same time underwent initial training for the game.

The trio also includes Cristiano and Georgina as Bella Esmeralda, a young girl, and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., 13.

The Argentinean model also adopted three herds that were already familiar to the player: Mateo and Eva, born from the barrique of the same name, and Cristiano Jr., born from a secret romance between them.

Last April, when Bella returned to the world, a huge trauma occurred in the household of famous people: losing a heart that could not be held together by giving birth to him.

Georgina Rodriguez shows off Cristiano Ronaldo’s dirty bandeau

“My sons are the most important thing I cherish, and every step of the way is marked by them. I am the omnipresent mother in his evolution. Sometimes I call myself burdened, but I don’t want to lose anything,” he told Elle magazine.

Georgina Rodriguez with Cristiano Ronaldo and his family – Photo: Reprodução Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo with his sons and wife Georgina Rodriguez at their anniversary – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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