Georgina Rodriguez sues two TV networks to prevent details of her past from becoming known

The small city of Jaca in northern Spain was chosen to witness the growth and much of the life of Georgina Rodriguez, a person full of dreams and ambitions since childhood. So, fate decided to fulfill his wish starting in 2016. Or, at least that’s what it seems.

The Spanish citizen became one of the biggest celebrities of the moment thanks to her courtship with world star Cristiano Ronaldo, and gained even more popularity after premiering her own Netflix reality show, “I Am Georgina,” in which Private photos of her are shown and her life is documented as she tells her story or what she wants to know. But now, at the age of 29, the ventilation of his privacy seems to be out of control.leading to her upcoming trial this month.

Tired and overwhelmed by the series of testimonial revelations Georgina obtained this content from former colleagues, aunts, friends and even her own stepsisters through different Spanish media and in 2021 she filed a lawsuit against two Spanish television networks for broadcasting the above content. Her family relationships, these people said, were fraught with painful episodes in which she would abandon her origins or not become a “good daughter” to her father. They called her a stakeholder and a gold digger and even had plans to become a millionaire from the beginning. Additionally, the mother sued those who claimed she was a companion.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez will sue two Spanish TV networks in October after they aired details of his past. (Splash News/Grosby Group)

Requests to protect her privacy include that she only wants to talk about her life since 2017, the year her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo became official. There’s no doubt, though, that this request might be entirely contradictory and exaggerated for a celebrity who has decided to air her own life on a reality TV show starring herself, which is about to launch its third season.

In addition to the lawsuit, Rodriguez also tried to tacitly respond to some of the accusations in the second season of his reality show “Soy Georgina,” showing himself visiting certain places in Jaca. She argued that she had never denied her humble beginnings She moved to Madrid simply to find a better future for herself.

According to Spanish media reports, despite the slow progress of her complaint to two Spanish media in 2021, she insisted that Georgina will eventually be in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain, on October 3 and 4 this year. Facing trial for these television networks.spanish newspaper ABC.

Georgina Rodriguez only wants to talk about her life since 2017, the year she made her current relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo official.

Celebrities will be represented by lawyers Mario BonaccioRenowned honor and privacy expert, Managing Partner of AVERUM Abogados. His defense argued that the reality show discussed topics about his “current life” and therefore, no matter how famous a person is and lives off his or her image, he has a right to privacy.

The fact is that if they agree on Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, The media will face challengesbecause Rodriguez’s request represents an unusual situation.

The businesswoman and influencer currently lives with Ronaldo and her children in Saudi Arabia after signing with the club for €200 million a year. Naxal. Although one of the rules of living together in the Arab country is that both parties are married, the couple married in a mansion in Riyadh without any problems.

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