Georgina Rodriguez tries to forget her life before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

Mercoles, October 4, 2023, 14.02

Georgina Rodriguez makes it clear, she came out to the public eye in 2017, after meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, why she decided to take her own life before this moment. Thus, he asked two television channels to suspend information on issues such as the relationship with his father, alleging an alleged violation of his right to honor and intimidation.

Georgina’s goal in launching this procedure is to create a case law that allows her life prior to her affair with the football star, who currently lives in Saudi Arabia after her five sons, to remain anonymous, thus avoiding doubt about “predecessors” who have no common interests ” Thus, what will happen is that characters like her paternal mother, who never hesitated to criticize her, will disappear from the media panorama.

The show celebrated this week was not attended by an influential person, not so much German Ivana Rodriguez, with whom she has a wonderful relationship that she shared with her partner, as well as with the abogado Mario Bonacho, who publicly expressed his satisfaction with the way she is doing juice.

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