Georgina Rodriguez wants to protect her past

On October 3, Juicio was celebrated in Madrid. Georgina Rodriguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, tried to create jurisprudencelocking up the past to ensure there are no problems with “predecessors of no general interest”, resolved, those that happen before becoming a public person.

And it is true that he was able to go to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and become one of celebrities most famous in the world Georgina Rodriguez performed a flip over the table.

An influential person sent a message to two TV channels, they violated their ass to pay tribute to your bullying and destroy episodes of their lives – how difficult the relationship with his father’s family was – and on Tuesday, October 3, the refereeing was celebrated in Madrid. with ausencia ya esperada de la mujer del futbolista.

Georgina wants to be her own story’s chaperone.

Lawsuit with question Georgina intends to create jurisprudence in an attempt to protect herself from the past so that she cannot find “antecedents of no general interest.” Because when this happened before 2017, it was not a public person.

Although the girl did not visit Jusio, she lives in Saudi Arabia with the Portuguese and her five sons. Her mother, Ivana Rodriguez, listened to the spectacle made famous by Pozuelo de Alarcón in her youth. with his partner, the sculptor Carlos Garcia, and Georgina’s abogado Mario Bonacho.

Given that they did not want to make a statement to the press, Ivana said that everything was “fine” in the game and explained that the only one who wants to protect his past and become the culprit of his own history: “Exactly yes. Exactly”.

It was Georgina’s lawyer, prestigious criminal lawyer Mario Bonacho, who gave the most detailed information on the matter, asking the question that Jaca wants “essentially defense of the rear to intimidate one’s own image“.

“I did very well. The juice was produced normally, The court saw this and now the court will decide whether it is protected or not.” he explained.

Although we may know that the model created jurisprudence to protect those things in the past that we consider invisible, the feelings of the abogado are very positive: “Depending on how we have worked through everything, everything is positive. We believe that our line is clear and well, we will respect the court’s decision.“.

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