GF Pop Star Night begins: ready to sing? – Big Brother 2023

For just one evening, not seventeen Big Brother participants, but seventeen world pop stars are present at the House of Cinecittà. One after another they will perform to the tunes of the hits that made them famous. Are you ready for this incredible evening?

The performance stage is located in Mystery, a microphone and spotlights are waiting here, and the rest of the participants will be spectators, for the performance there is Angelicapersonifying Dua Lipa.

First to speak Anitaplaying Taylor Swift, singing in American high school attire. Get rid of it. A bright, energetic performance that leaves room for a more intimate and touching performance. AlwaysJon Bon Jovi brought on stage Paul.

It takes care of heating the air. Samira who plays Elodie to the tune Bath at midnight. Hot, seductive and incredible, the dancer manages to captivate the audience, charm them and the screams are proof of this. The flame doesn’t go out as Harry Styles takes the stage with How it was. Intimate and very seductive, Victor he knows how to take care of himself.

On the GF stage there is a star of Italian origin, unique, attractive and creative: who else if not Lady Gaga. Valentina speaks with Poker Face and the performance has only one adjective: crazy! Also from “Bel Paese” there is Achille Lauro with Bam Bam Twist! AND Garibaldi, identical to the Italian star. An incredible performance showcasing Giuseppe’s new talent.

As for credibility cornflower amazes everyone: it’s Cher, in every movement and appearance. Don’t you believe it? It is better to take the song literally, the participant performs to the tune Believe! He’s not the only star on the GF scene. The living myth of Michael Jackson is embodied in Maximilianwho sings and dances wonderfully smooth Criminalwithout forgetting the inevitable Moonwalk.

The second part of this incredible evening resumes with Annalisa: after a successful summer, the singer gives a performance at the Casa Cinecittà in Joyready for My love? After the photographer’s glitter, it’s time for shy Ed Sheeran and his Your forminterpreted Alex. Once again, the participant amazes everyone with his versatility and magic, his ability to not take himself seriously.

Charm and elegance have only one name in history – Marilyn Monroe. Heidi she turns into the most beautiful woman ever seen and sings Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.. A sparkling, seductive and smiling entrepreneur knows how to surprise. After the diamonds, it’s time for the mountains, and who knows them better than Giselda who returns to his Green Mountainsplaying Marcella Bella in her historical hit.

Magnetism fills the Mystery Room Pink which brings him back to the stage Running uphillfantastic Kate Bush. A ballad performance for a star who has not appeared on stage for a long time. Next comes the icon of Italian music, the magnificent Ornella Vanoni with her unforgettable L’Appuntamento. Beatrice perfectly embodies the emotions and pain of the Italian translator.

But there is no Italy without the transcendental Raffaella Carra, Greece brings joy to the singer very funny Pedro. The actress is perky in the Spanish version of the historical song Caschetto Biondo, a very successful tribute!

Anita replaces Angelica in her performance and introduces the contestant who will take on the role of a modern pop star: Dua Lipa. Seductive and a little bored are the peculiar character traits of the singer of Albanian origin. Don’t start now fills the Mystery with its dance notes, making the participants dance. The evening ends with the great and unique, true Neapolitan, Gigi D’Alessio, played by Cyrus which he dedicates to those who love and loved him enormously Never tell him. The competitors hugged, moved and sang together, word by word.

Pop Star Girlfriends Night ends on these intimate and heartfelt notes, the contestants return to embody themselves, and after farewell we return to the House for commentary on the performances.

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