Ghostface is back to haunt the maps. skin is a gift again some days

ghost among us scream

After the first period, more than a year ago (this was the end of March and the beginning of April 2022), Innersloth announced that it has decided to bring Ghostface back to haunt the servers among us. The skin is available to everyone for free from 7th July and will be available for download till 21st of this month. If you download it you can have it forever. Otherwise you will have to say goodbye.

The occasion, of course, is the home video release of Scream VI. The final film in the saga that followed Netflix’s “Brenches” on Wednesday brought Jenna Ortega back to screens as Tara Carpenter in the Tim Burton-directed series of the same name. Among other things, a bracket is about to reopen. On Screen, Now With Ortega, Courteney Cox the haunting The series was started by Wes Craven and then brought into the sequel (reboot/sequel) with chapter 5, like the previous one, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette,

About games and related products. Innersloth has partnered with CBS to make Among Us an animated series for the general public. The series will be directed by Infinity Train creator Owen Dennis and produced by CBS Studios. Executive producers will be Forrest Willard, Marcus Bromander and Karl Neisser of Innersloth, with Chris Prynosky, Shannon Prynosky, Antonio Canobio and Ben Kalina representing the Titmouse production company.



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