Giffoni Film Festival 53 – Presentation of web series “What are VFX”

Giffoni Film Festival 53 - Presentation of Web Series

Introducing youth to the world of visual effects. This is the mission of the workshop with the boys and girls of Generator +18 Dell Giffoni Film Festival Organized by EDI Italian Digital Effects on Tuesday 25 July at 5.30 pm in Sala Verde.

Italy’s leading company of VFX for cinema and TV series, it will reveal to the audience the secrets of post-production of American blockbusters and the great Italian cinema. A highly interactive moment thanks to the intervention of Susanna Calabrese, content creator at EDI, who will show the first episode of the web series “What are VFX”, which aims to introduce to those who do not know the world of effects for cinema by drawing on the origins, the new frontiers of virtual production, a parallel between our world and American studios, even the gender gap in this field.

The scenes the Milan-based company worked on range from “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey”, “Romulus”, “Mondocane” which allowed them to win 2 David di Donatello for Best Visual Effects or “The Incredible Story of Rose Island” and “Freaks Out”, and then from the series “The Nevers”, for which they received an Emmy nomination for VFX, and the latest Italian ones like “Mixed by Ari”, “Lydia Poet” Heading images. ”, “The Last Night of Love” and “The Return of Casanova”.

The findings will be attributed to Francesco Grisi, CEO and co-founder of EDI, who will talk about the work he’s done with the Marvel universe in the films “Black Adam” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” with Dwayne Johnson, and what it means to tackle VFX for international productions.

«Giffoni Film Festival is the perfect container to convey our mission, which aims to support youth, create training and job opportunities for them, at a time when there is a huge demand for employment. The series we are presenting bears testimony to this as it was created by a young professional to inspire the youth to join the world of digital influencers”, said Grisi.

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