Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper at dinner: is a couple born?

They are at two different stages of their careers, twenty years apart, but both are single parents and know how to master the rules of show business. For example, the one according to which dinner is never just dinner. That is why the appearance Bradley Cooper (48-year-old ex of Irina Shayk, with whom he has 4-year-old daughter Leah) and Gigi Hadid (28-year-old ex Zayn Malik, with whom she has 3-year-old daughter Hai). Everyone is silent on their social networks: he is launching content from the director’s new film “Maestro,” released on Netflix after the Venice Film Festival, and she is fresh from fashion weeks.

In short, nothing official, but when we returned “home” to the USA, the meeting took place. The tabloids are talking a lot about this dinner, because before a few months ago it was reported that the model was dating Leonardo DiCaprio, who has actually been close friends with Bradley Cooper for almost thirty years.

But, as we know, the Hollywood elite is a very narrow circle of stars, so it is not at all difficult for sentimental paths to cross. The dinner, however, was completely informal as Gigi wore a simple miniskirt and was accompanied by a bodyguard for the evening on Via Carota. Bradley also got out of the car with a cap firmly placed on his head and in sportswear.

On the street, like seasoned stars, they feigned indifference and kept a certain distance from each other, but the paparazzi did not lose sight of the fact that they left in the same car. Is there a new couple born in Hollywood? Only time will tell (and the paparazzi will, of course, confirm this).

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