Gigi Hadid finally responds to Hamas attack in Israel


On Tuesday, Gigi Hadid posted a lengthy message on her Instagram in response to the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel.

Three days after the Hamas attack, Gigi Hadid was born in silence. The reaction of the American top model of Palestinian origin is closely followed by more than 80 million followers on Instagram.

“My thoughts on everyone affected by this unjustified tragedy,” at the top of the page. “If you have deep empathy and regret for the grief of the Palestinians and your life’s work, you take responsibility every day. »

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“I am equally responsible for the ability of my friends to speak clearly, as I have already done: even if I spoke out and said something to the Palestinians, in any case I do not include prejudice caused to a minor. »

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Gigi Hadid said in the suite that no innocent civilian “Palestinian or Israeli” deserves to die. She defends the idea that being pro-Palestinian does not mean being anti-Semitic. “I wish you my love and my strength where you want to know and what you want to know,” simply put.

As a petite Bella sister, she continues to take positions in favor of the Palestinian people, which she does not even speak out about.

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Mobilization of famous celebrities

In fact, Kylie Jenner was criticized for having her article published, even banned, by an Israeli publication. Other celebrities have expressed horror at the atrocities committed by Hamas, including Eva Longoria, Chrissy Teigen, Nina Dobrev and even Brooklyn Beckham.

Some French people take to Instagram to support Israel. Frank Dubosc, Elsa Silberstein, Paul Belmondo or even Cristina Cordula posted a message yesterday.

French-Israeli actor Tomer Sisley, who was present at the March on Monday, was invited to the BFM TV platform on Wednesday, October 11th. “I enjoy all the days of depuis Samedi. I was bad at expressing myself, I was bad at work, I was bad at going through my normal journey,” he said.

“If I am here today, it is true that the whole world does not have to agree with what is happening here, and some people have to justify it. (…) You will always appreciate the fact that Israel is a multicultural democracy in which 20% of Arabs live with the same rights here on the same street. »

A previous report on attacks on the Jewish state reported more than “1,200 deaths” since Tzahal. More than 2,700 people received the blessing, and the number of people was officially recognized as “outlandish or strange.” 900 Palestinians were killed.

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