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One of the strict rules set by Gigi Hadid after the birth of daughter Kai to former One Direction member Zayn Malik is that the paparazzi will never post photos of the baby and her images will never appear on social media. Perhaps it will be summer air, an opportunity to spend time with family, but the model decided to break (partially) that rule and posted some photos in the company of a little girl. Obviously the face is never seen and is often filmed from behind, but Hadid shared with her subscribers some of the pictures she spent in the summer in the village with little Khai..

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As you can see, they enjoyed going to the lake several times, picking fruits and vegetables in the garden, cooking and eating together. So, some time to strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter. The model after her birth decided not to expose her daughter to media hype. and indeed, in the few public outlets where she is with him, she is always covered to protect her privacy as much as possible. This will was confirmed in several interviews by her father, who always emphasized that the goal of both, as parents, is to make them live a peaceful childhood like any other little girl, without the influence of their work on its existence. And so far they seem to have succeeded.


Khaya has long brown hair, according to the photos, he loves rainbows and bright clothes. A “normal” girl who enjoys spending time in the company of her mother. Who knows if this small and minimal opening will lead to the exchange of other photos in the future.perhaps the one where you can see him in full growth.

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