Giordana Angi leaves Amici and 21co, an album in 4 languages ​​is coming soon!

Time for changes for Giordana Angiwho in a post communicated that he had decided to leave Friendsbut also the record label 21co.

A news that was in the air, given the amount of work for the new album, which will be released soon and which will contain songs in 4 languages.

However, it was thought that Jordanian at least wait for the end of the talent show, instead…

Giordana Angi leaves Amici and 21co, an album in 4 languages ​​is coming soon!

Jordanian published a post in English on social media to explain the situation.

Hello Friends and 21co, these are my last days with you, you have been my home for almost 4 years. You helped me make my dream come true and I helped you guys make yours come true. This is what made me so passionate: the dream. I have had many happy moments, but also difficult ones. I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve also given you everything I have. I followed all the steps from the casting to the final. Now the time has come to think about my future and to devote all my energies to my career. The stage, my songs, my music. Thank you all. I loved you and will still love you. Forever.”

The news literally made the rounds on the web, provoking the playful (and somewhat resentful…) reaction of Jordanian.

You communicate that you are working on a disc in 4 languages ​​with a gentleman who produced (among many) Lady Gaga, that you are collaborating with Sting, that you go back and forth with the USA and no one replies. You communicate that you don’t have time to work as well at Amici and at 21, you make a sweet and grateful post about the fact that you are leaving and in a while they will tell the news.

But do we want to say the important things for me and for my career or not?”

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