Giorgia Soleri in Venice: “I think I’m the first person to walk the red carpet with hair on my legs”

Very tanned after a beach holiday, Georgia Soleri reached Venicetake part in some exclusive events Film Festivalsee the film’s red carpet Owner Bradley Cooper. Despite the important event and the flashes of photographers focused on her, the Milanese influencer and activist decided to skip the waxing appointment: “I think I’m the first person to walk the red carpet with hair on my legs.”– Giorgia Soleri commented in an Instagram story, filmed on a boat among the canals, focusing the lens on blonde hair on thighs and calves.

Giorgia Soleri is the first Italian woman to wear leg hair on the red carpet.

As always when it comes to social characters, in a few moments a dispute arose. Several followers pointed out to Giorgia Soleri that he’s certainly not the first star to walk the red carpet with visible hair., starting with Julia Roberts, whose hairy armpit red carpet at the Notting Hill premiere made history. But also Maria Lourdes Ciccone (daughter of Madonna) Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson they often bare their hair at social events without making any pleats. “I meant Italian women in Italy”– Giorgia Soleri clarified in a subsequent Instagram story in response to the criticism. With or without hair, wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress, dark eye makeup and hair done in a casual rock style Paying homage to the British designer, the influencer made his mark on the Venice red carpet.

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