Giulia Caselli at Amici 2023? The creator auditioned!

A few years later, Julia Caselli tried to audition again for Amici 23: this is how it went!

Always Giulia Caselli, who became famous on TikTok thanks to a trend”Ascoli-Picenooon TikTok, conveys his passion for singing in the videos he posts. From a young age the author wanted to take part in music talent show take your talent beyond the world of social media. Some time ago Julia told me that she has had tried go to school Friends at just 16 years old, but she did not move on to the next step due to poor singing. Subsequently, due to severe discomfort in her vocal cords, she underwent various medical examinations and discovered that she had a polyp in her throat. Today the girl is completely healthy and has tried again take part in the program hosted by Maria De Filippi. That’s how it went!

Julia he posted a video talking about his audition day. On June 30, the girl, full of anxiety and adrenaline, went to see celebrities. classes according to the Maria De Filippi program. After signing various releases, taking photographs and filling out a form”endless questions about yourself(which was also very difficult to answer!), creator presented before a panel of judges:

We are then called to be taken to the waiting room in front of the two audition rooms. But I didn’t sit down, I sat down somewhere else to rehearse and then sing my songs. In fact, when they call me and say “Giulia Caselli!”, I start running and I also had Texans, so with all the heels that could be heard, I come in and say: “Sorry, very sorry,” and they say: me : “Julia, don’t worry, now introduce yourself to the camera.” I introduced myself and started singing.

Caselli claims to have sang five songsincluding two of his unpublished works, one of which “sang quite well“and songs”All my fault” From Elodieespecially loved by the girl,”The moon knocked” From Loredana Berthe AND “Nothing breaks like a heart” From Miley Cyrus. Subsequently, Julia continues, she was approached with a request series Requests concrete, useful to understand how he will live in the house Friends and how he will cope with this experience in close contact with other children. But what was it? listening result?

After the experiment, the girl claims that came home with joy, extremely satisfied passed test. In addition, the creator noted that the commission seemed particularly enthusiastic about his performances. However, today We do not know test results. To get it, we need to wait for it. first broadcast program to find out if we can consider Julia a competitor Friends to all effects. Good luck Julia, we hope to see you on TV soon and that you can finally achieve your dreams!

Julia Caselli talks about auditioning for Amici23

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