Giulia De Lellis and Selena Gomez, the surprising meeting

American mission for Giulia De Lellis who brought the influencer to New York to sponsor nothing less than Selena Gomez’s make-up line. We’ll tell you what happened between the two.

A meeting under the sign of beauty, for a global mission Julia DeLellisan Italian influencer who conquers the world, or at least meets an international star, between music, cinema and entertainment, such as Selena Gomez. How did it happen? Certainly not by chance, given that a make-up line of the singer was the reason for their meeting. In fact, the former suitor of Men and women, now a solid fan base with millions of loyal followers on social media, went in New York to sponsor Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line.

The two met in the big apple and shot a video together, dedicated to lips enhanced by a gloss from the “Rare Beuaty” house. There was no lack of excitement for the prestigious meeting, as Giulia was able to share, always appreciating the singer and actress. The latter proved to be very kind and easy-going with her, “much humbler” than many other stars he has met in the past. The two talked about the brand, however, don’t think they indulged in gossip or regrets about past love stories it doesn’t end very well.

What do you think, do they look alike? According to many social comments yes, even according to some they look like two sisters.

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