‘Give me the rest’: Michael Jordan’s remarkable memory stuns Gilbert Arenas and his son

Despite the criticism, greatness still finds a way to thrive. For the elite among them, there are also many doubters and opponents. However, a Washington Wizards star who has always been critical of Michael Jordan was forced to acknowledge his impeccable memory in a rare performance. As the franchise’s successor, Gilbert Arenas always had a unique perspective on Michael and his final years in the sport.

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Everyone’s favorite new GOAT candidate, Paul George puts Gilbert on his list PodcastP. Eventually, the discussion turned to Michael, and Jill’s reaction was shocking. “That guy is a machine, man. His team scoured the Internet for some projects. “

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Arenas then enters story mode that only he can do. “Let’s say you have some PE (player exclusive), right? They are made just for you. So if he sees items for sale online, he will know about each item, such as shorts. ” He would then display a prime example of the same impeccable eye.

So, when my son was at training camp in Jordan, I asked him to go there and sign autographs. He said, ‘Hey, where did you get this?’ ‘” When he found out it was the child’s father, he reacted immediately. “Who is your day? When I got to know Gilbert,”I knew it. Where are the rest of these things? “

Because the item the three-time All-Star asked him to sign is very familiar to the Chicago Bulls legend.


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How Gilbert Arenas carries a piece of Michael Jordan with him

Essentially, PG’s guest is the next in line to the wizard, so he literally inherits a lot of his stuff. “When he left, he left behind all his games and practice stuff. So when he saw this, he knew it was his thing. So, he said, “Give me the rest.”

However, his magnanimity Didn’t ask them to come back because of trivial matters. Instead, the story has a happy ending. “I signed all his old stuff, all the practical stuff. So, I have his off-game practice shorts, I have his off-game game shorts, I have his orthotics. “I’ve worn his orthotics throughout my career.”

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Sometimes, he even takes drill bits out of his gear. For someone who was so critical of Jordan, he certainly got a lot out of him.

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