Glass Cleaning | Clean your mirror with an onion?Homemade tricks for sweeping the floor

Wipe a mirror with an onion?Homemade tricks for sweeping the floorinformation

thishomemade tipsBecause cleaning has been part of our culture for generations.However, one of the most unusual methods that has resurfaced recently is How to clean a mirror with onions. Yes, you read that right. onion! Although this may seem like unconventional advice at first, don’t be too quick to dismiss it because it could be the perfect solution for those stubborn glasses and mirrors.


Secrets to cleaning glass and mirrors with onions

Onions are not only an important ingredient in cooking, but they are also found to have surprising properties Clean glass. Its natural juices remove those annoying stains and marks that are often difficult to use with other cleaning methods. But how exactly do you use this vegetable to clean your mirror?

How to clean glass and mirrors with onions: step by step

  1. Choose fresh onions: To ensure the best results when cleaning windows, it is necessary to choose medium-sized onions and, above all, choose fresh onions. This ensures that the juices it releases are more effective.
  2. necessary preparations: Use a sharp knife to cut the onion in half. If you plan to clean multiple mirrors or glass, you may need a full set. If not, half will be enough and you can keep the other portion in the refrigerator for future cleaning or cooking preparations.
  3. surface application: Now, take half of it and wipe the mirror gently. When cleaning a mirror with onions, it is important to fully cover the entire surface, paying special attention to the areas most affected by stains.
  4. action time: After completing the previous step, let the onion juice work for a few minutes. This is when the magic happens and those pesky residues start to disappear.
  5. Rinse and dry: Cleaning windows with onions is not complete without a thorough rinse. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the juice. Next, use another dry cloth (preferably microfiber) to polish the mirror to a perfect shine.

What should you pay attention to when cleaning glass and mirrors with onions?

Although this method is effective, certain factors must be considered. The unique smell of onions may not be to everyone’s taste.Therefore, it is necessary Ventilate the area adequately while doing this Cleaning Tips. Also, if the smell persists, you can top up with vinegar or your usual window cleaner.

The world of window cleaning is filled with traditional and modern methods.. Although it may seem unusual, Use onions to clean mirrors This is a technique that has been proven to work for many people. So next time you’re looking for how to clean your mirror effectively and naturally, give Onions a try!

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