“Going back to Italy? We are behind on everything!”

Tiziano Ferro he returned to radio with Bye my Lovenew single from The world is Ours.

“Goodbye my love is an eighties electro song about depression. Depression is the dark lover that has dominated my life for the longest time, but I say goodbye in this song. Depression is a skilled enemy, it explains life to you in its own way, and always in a destructive way. It becomes a drug, therefore, an addiction from which to get rid of is complex and painful. Certainly possible, asking for help. It’s a song bordering on cathartic, I didn’t do it on purpose, but it has great healing value. There is a strong contrast between the music – electronic, almost icy but danceable – and the text – deliberately hermetic. I have often done this during my career as an author, perhaps to exorcise a gloomy feeling through disruptive sounds. I’m thinking for example of: ‘Per Dirti Ciao’, ‘Stop Dimentica’ and maybe even ‘Xdono’.”

From Friday 10 March, it will be available THE WORLD IS OUR (in pre-order https://tiziano.lnk.to/emen) – Spanish language version de The world is Ours – anticipated by the release of ADIÓS MI AMOR.

Tiziano Ferro

An unexpected period, I haven’t prepared a tour for six years. There was Covid, I’m starting to think about the lineup. For the rest we go on, the children grow up, which is a very nice thing, I write new songs. I feel the enthusiasm I had as a kid.”

The artist gave an interview to Republictalking about Italy and its critical issues on the subject of civil rights.

I didn’t choose life here, it has evolved in this sense. It’s a conversation I also had with my mother, who is very sad because I’m far away. I deal with the question of rights in retrospect. Before being absorbed by this place without choosing it, I had bought a house in Milan, which I then sold. I wanted to have this experience, become a father regardless: could I have done it?

We are behind on everything, whoever wants to adopt takes ten years, it’s not a question of gay or non-gay. Brothers of my friends go to Spain to give themselves a chance, I’m not thinking only of homosexuals, but also of heterosexuals. It makes life complex for people who will do what they want anyway. Don’t stop the Italians. Everyone has the right to their own happiness.”

Then a thought about politics.

I don’t think whoever’s in charge wants to cause more damage, I’m confident. I want to see them in action. Let’s not play this preconceived game: the right is bad. The problem isn’t the right or the left, it’s the head. I am thinking of civil unions ‘be careful not to call them marriage’. It’s not exactly the same, in fact it’s offensive. We are behind on rights. And that’s that. I have seen them fail with all governments.”

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