Good tone on the beach: 5 tips to follow

Sun, sea and beach time. However, people with good manners never go on vacation. Good manners can make a difference and make a seaside experience truly relaxing and revitalizing. Each context has its own rules and even the beach requires a specific etiquette to be respected. Especially in August, when the beaches will be more crowded, behaving in the right way will be essential to being the right umbrella neighbor. From paying attention to tanning, to choosing the right clothes, to respecting the place and having the ideal lunch to take with you. So here are etiquette expert Elena T’s 5 tips for perfect beach etiquette:

Never tan excessively: Although I am well aware that the degree of tan is at the discretion of the individual, I invite high class women to concentrate the tan more on the body than on the face . Even singer Jennifer Lopez admits that she never tans on her face, but uses special self-tanning products. The reasons for this are both aesthetic and functional for skin health.

Respect your space: If we have children, we try not to disturb other families or people who are looking for a moment to rest. Whether you go to a well-equipped beach or not, we know how annoying it can be to have people too close to us or keep their towels a few inches away from us. So in case of small spaces, we avoid overlapping each other. Rather we stay a little further back, without bothering anyone.

Beware of Litter: We know how important it is to protect our beaches today. Nothing is worse than seeing trash dumped on the sand or near water. The worst thing is cigarette butts.

Let’s Avoid Banquets and Camps: Eating or drinking on the beach is a necessity, but it’s always good to do it in moderation. If we don’t get the opportunity to have lunch at a restaurant or bar, we can always bring something from home, maybe a nice lunch box. We obviously avoid bringing tables and “non-beach food” by hosting an actual 60s-style banquet. Only our grandparents knew how to make them well

Choose the right clothes. Beach wear can be a real summer gift. However, we try to think of others when we get ready to go to the beach. We avoid loincloths or dresses that are not suitable for public places. If we prefer to “feel free” in the summer, we can always go to the dedicated beaches. (Red)

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