Goodbye Sinead O’Connor, style icon of the 90s!

Sinead O’Connor has died at the age of 56. The Irish singer bequeathed her music and unique style.

Goodbye Sinead O'Connor, style icon of the 90s!

In a few hours, it became known about the untimely death of the famous singer and songwriter. Sinead O’Connor. The Irish artist bequeaths her emotional music and controversial style as a true rebel: a source of inspiration, also for future generations.

Sinead O’Connor passed away

News about death From Sinead O’Connor, one of the most famous singers in the world. The death of the artist, who was 56 years old, was reported by Irish national television, but without specifying the reasons for the disappearance. The tortured life of Sinead O’Connor, who for a long time struggled with her own mental problems and various pains, including a tragic death son Shanewho committed suicide last year at the age of 17.
The Irish artist bequeaths his music: Sinead O’Connor has released ten albums in her long career, even if his most famous song remains emotional. Nothing compares to 2 Ua single written by Prince that reached the top of the charts in 1990. unconventional and rebellious style of real punkwhich inspired the fashion of the nineties and continues to be an inspiration today.

Sinead O’Connor, style icon

Sinead O’Connor was one of the main sources of inspiration for fashion nineties and not only. His manner of dressing was as simple as it was unmistakable: shaved head, leather jacket, jeans discolored and Sunglasses round. Simple appearance, easy to reproduce but very effective. Sinead O’Connor with her t-shirts hidden in high waist trousers They Wellingtons he, of course, did not want to be known as an icon of style, but a strong and decisive character came out of him, the strength of which is impossible not to notice and admire.


One of the most impressive images, which undoubtedly predetermined the success of Sinead O’Connor’s punk image in the nineties, is precisely video Nothing beats 2U: The singer breaks the screen with her voice and deep gaze. thick eyebrows, short haircut and beauty that goes beyond all the stereotypes and conventions of that time. A rebellious and tormented soul who was not afraid to show herself and had a great influence on the fashion of that time.

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