Google and Universal are in talks about music with artificial intelligence

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In accordance with Financial Times, Google AND Universal Music Group they are discussing the licensing of melodies and voices of performers for music created by artificial intelligence. AI-powered music is just the latest trend that is getting a reaction from music labels and artists in the industry.

Key Facts

  • According to reports, Google and Universal Music, which represents artists such as Drake, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, are working on a tool that will allow users to create AI-generated music using the artist’s voice, words or sounds. Financial Times.
  • The deal will include payment to copyright holders, and artists will have the opportunity to subscribe.
  • In accordance with once, Also Warner Music Group is discussing a similar product with Google.
  • Google and Universal Music declined to respond to requests for comment. Forbes.


CEO of Warner Music, Robert Kinklesaid during a press conference on Tuesday that “with the right structure,” AI could “allow fans to enjoy the music of their favorite artists through a new layer of user-generated content.”


Earlier this year, Drake expressed his disagreement with AI-produced music after being involved in several deepfakes. After releasing one song, he said, “This is the last straw.” For Sting, there will be a battle between human capital and this technology. “Artificial intelligence doesn’t impress me at all,” the BBC singer told the BBC.

favorable conditions

Instead, several artists have championed the development of AI-generated music, including Grimesaccording to which anyone could create songs with their voice “without any consequences”, as long as the artist receives 50% of the royalties.

In June, Paul McCartney announced the release of a new Beatles song later this year, after the singer himself confirmed that he used AI to “extract” John Lennon’s voice from an old demo and create “the last Beatles record”.

On the background

Rules and restrictions regarding AI-generated music have been tightened up in recent months. In April, Universal Music sent out a letter to streaming services asking them to block AI programs from accessing their platforms for teaching copyrighted lyrics and melodies.

Last month, in a Senate hearing, General Counsel for Universal Music Geoffrey Harleston stated that “an artist’s voice is often the most important part of their livelihood and public persona.”

United States Copyright Office he noted that he would only offer copyright on “man-made” works and would not “register machine-made works”. In May Google has released an experimental AI-based music creation tool that develops a song based on a lyric request.

Half responded earlier this month with his own AI music creation tool trained on 20,000 hours of licensed music he owns.


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