Google Chrome Tips | Make your computer run faster with this Chrome feature

Most people who use computers have experienced the inconveniences they bring. make your computer slow down…(everything takes a while to open, the browser won’t connect…) But there are different tricks to improve your computer’s performance and make it run at least a little faster.

One of these tips can be found in Google Chrome’s new features. The browser keeps reinventing itself to maintain its status as one of the top-rated search engines, shedding its reputation as one of the most RAM-consuming browsers in Windows 10 and 11.

What one of its latest updates lets us know Browser tabs consume more RAMto turn it off and speed up your computer.

exactly High memory usage Chrome’s behavior on some computers may prevent other system features from running smoothly and quickly.

Which tab do you have open that consumes the most memory?

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In recent months it has been New features implemented About saving battery and RAM consumption reduced, but this time they are improved and chromium will tell you how much memory you have is using each tab Open in real time.

although task manager A wider range of data is available, and this new Chrome feature lets you query Consume memory in real time No need to leave the browser.Currently, the new feature is activated Only available to some usersthey must hover over the tab to Check fluctuating data real time.

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