Gorpcore style: meaning, trend outfits for 2023

A$AP Rocky at the Calvin Klein show, February 2017.

You’ve probably noticed that there are more and more technical clothes around, not very pleasant to look at, but suitable for every day (or for a hike). This is the result of a trend Gorpkor, an abbreviation for Good old raisins and peanutswhich means “good old fashioned raisins and peanuts”, which is a typical hiking energy mix.

A model wears a Patagonia down jacket during Paris Fashion Week.

But Gorpokor is not as new as it might seem. Already after the Covid-19 pandemic, we began to talk about a more comfortable and versatile wardrobe, for example, nylon trousers or a windproof jacket. Then, thanks to some celebrities, from Travis Scott to Timothée Chalamet, that set of clothes once reserved for outdoor trips has become fashionable. In addition, there are a large number of themed brands: The North Face, Patagonia, Columbia and Salomon, who have also collaborated with MM6 Maison Margiela, realizing the connection between technical clothing and designer labels, are just some of the brands representing this style.

But what is a typical Gorpcore outfit? Comfort is of course an important characteristic on which the success of your combination depends – always if you want to replicate what you wear in the mountains. But let’s go by categories so as not to miss the most important things.

The sneakers, which can be defined as the Gorpcore line, are low-top, have flex, are adjustable with laces, and are generally not very cool. There are exceptions, however, such as the New Balance 610, any Salomon model (possibly in collaboration with Maison Margiela), and the recent U-Power x Magliano model, which plays with colors.

Actor Lee Ki Woo at the Patagonia FW15 fashion show.

Let’s move on to accessories, which remain a fundamental element of enriching and personalizing the image. From belt bags to backpacks, from sports watches to hats, the range includes only accessories that will be useful both in everyday life and in nature. And there are more fashionable options, such as Heron Preston belts, which are worth purchasing if you bought them when they were in style.

But the most famous and appreciated item from the Gorpcore trend, which is now present in everyone’s wardrobe, is the down jacket. Choosing it is not as easy as it seems, because banality is just around the corner; unless you opt for the new Palm Angels x Moncler collaboration, which fuses post-preppy with technical wear for a sleek yet innovative look. And complete the outfit? According to Gorpcore, you want pants that are comfortable, have pockets, and are made from a nylon-like fabric. Now you have no shortage of either the mountains or the city.

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