Got Talent Argentina wins in a close match

Including Buenos Aires Wednesday open TV prime time Trev While it’s no longer as far behind its rivals as it once was, it’s the clear winner across the circuit.

Displayed again on the third day of the week Audiences are more fragmentedagainst a backdrop of general decline due to competition from pay TV and internet broadcasting.

Argentina’s Got TalentTelefe’s Lizy Tagliani rated it 10.4. LAM was in second place with Team USA’s Ángel de Brito with the highest score of 7.2 points.

Around 10:00 p.m., “Three Million Eight Steps” won third place on the podium, Guido Kaczka eltrece’s 7 points, El Nueve’s Bendita and Beto Casella’s 6.1 points.

Dance 2023Playing in the Americas with Marcelo Tinelli, he did not initially retain the audience that Brito gave him, as he started with 6.4 points. Tagliani just moved up to 10.9 points, while Katzka is lurking at 9.2 points.

Argentina’s Got Talent’s highest score was 12.1 points, while Tinelli returned and scored 8 points, although he failed to replace 8 steps to three million From second place to the podium.

Dance 2023: Flor Vigna attacks Lourdes Sanchez

Lourdes Sánchez, in her last speech at Bailando 2023, said that the producer, together with her partner Prada “Chato”they fantasize about the possibility of adding a third party and admit which one each “allows”: his model Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain and her model Lou Luciano Castro.

One of the participants who took to the track this Wednesday was from the actor’s girlfriend. braveFlor Vigna gives her own take on the competitor’s statement and makes a revelation.

“Luciano is a cool dad and everyone is trying to trick him. He is a pony. The most important thing is that they know the package and that’s it, because inside he is the man in my life. There is One day he came to my performance Luna Parkhe walked on stage and all the women shouted, “I love you!” the singer began.

“It doesn’t make me jealous. I like my man to be desired as if he turns me on” he added. “I also like the woman I’m with to be desirable,” Tinelli said.

Vigna was not kind to the former child driver’s comments: “Anyway, I feel a bit like Lourdes has been looking for me.this is huge”, she said of the last collective nomination, Sanchez selected her out of the program.

When the driver asked her if, like Lourdes and Prada, she and Castro were “allowed,” Vigna admitted: “We haven’t discussed it yet. I wouldn’t include a third party at the moment, I don’t think he would either. He Like the actress in “The Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence, but it doesn’t count because the distance is very far. That’s why I took him to a party on Friday, he liked someone and we were half drunk talking about it. “

Concerned about Sergio Rapegu’s health

Driver Sergio Lapegüe is absent Early, the cycle he shared with Roxy Vázquez on pay-television signal TN attracted attention. The reporter explained what happened through social networks and revealed that he had pneumonia.

The driver said: “For those of you who are worried, calling and asking ‘Why don’t you go?’, I want to tell you that two weeks ago I and Frequent cough, fever, and runny nose“I also never stopped, I didn’t stop working because I loved what I did.”

“It’s the joy of happy people to do what we love, and I was happy to work. But, of course, with a fever and everything, and very little sleep, I went Cordoba I worked nonstop for two weekends in a row to present my book. This will cause you losses. I went to the doctor today and he told me I had pneumonia,” Rapegu said.

I have to stop a little, but I’ll be back on the channel soon. Thank you all for caring and asking, I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine and I’ll be back to being crazy soon. Thank you for always having a great time,” he concluded.

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