Grand Prix, Ferrari pole position! And it all happened this Saturday

“Tell me we have it!” Carlos Sainz conquer pole position at the Monza Grand Prix for the first time in his career. Great way to celebrate yesterday’s birthday. Enthusiastic fans in all the stands, ashamed of the booing of Verstappen, who finished second.

However, points are posted on Sunday and the race would be a mountain for the two Ferraristi to climb.. Red Bull was the fastest in terms of racing pace, showing 1:25:500, and Ferrari – 1:26:000. It will be difficult to do as Leclerc did in 2019 because Red Bull has the most efficient DRS on the grid.

shooting a Brad Pitt movie, historical Formula 1 and a lot of music.

Grand Prix, Ferrari: Sainz pole, Leclerc third

Red roar greeted the best time sines. “It was some really intense qualificationespecially in the third quarter, where all three of us tried our best: we were very, very close to the limit, ”the Spaniard explained immediately after getting out of the car to greet the crowd.

“On this last lapI knew that I could improve in Askari and Parabolica.. I tried, and, thank God, everything worked out, because I tried very hard! An all-or-nothing circle for the Spaniard who, however, paid off by being one of the few to beat Max Verstappen.

A bit more upset his buddy Charles Leclerc, pole sitter of the latest edition: “Seeing Carlos on pole is great for Ferrari. I had problems in free practice, but in qualifying I got everything together. Too bad I didn’t have a slipstream in the third quarter., it cost us at least one position. Tomorrow we will try to do a double with Carlos, the first and second.

Record Grand Prix tomorrow

Verstappen chasing a record tenth victory consistent, ferrari wants to be the first team with twenty hits To Monza AND Hamilton May be beat Schumacher having won the sixth victory in Monza.

However, of the three hypotheses, the first is the most plausible. Verstappen however, he remains cautious: “I’m happy with second place. Tomorrow will be difficult, we will try to win and we are fast. All three of us were very close, it was an uphill battle. The pace is good, but we’ll see“.

Fans of the “Reds” hope that the curse of monza hit Verstappen. In fact, five different drivers have triumphed in the last five races: from 2018 to 2022, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen took turns. Another statistic is being waged against the Red Bull driver: from 2019 whoever wins the Monza Grand Prix will retire in the next edition…

Brad Pitt Filming Continues

The Apex GP team’s single-seat cars smile as they roll onto the track between one F1 session and the next. Filming a movie on Apple TV.

Thus, the Centenary Autodrom welcomes Hollywood stars intends to play the role of a pilot who returns to the game. The first performance took place at Silverstone when Brad Pitt and Damson Idris they even joined the starting grid.

This is the effect of Liberty Media. Since 2016, the new owner of Formula 1 has focused on a clear and decisive strategy: to increase the presence of the sport on the race track. platforms social; invest in big email.Ukrainian American sports market and accompany the Grand Prix weekend with events and festivals for the public.

So Formula 1, thanks also to the Netflix documentary series Drive to Survive, seems to be very well rooted in America. However, ifThe renaissance and future of the sport seems to be secured under the wing of the American Eagle, we must not turn the prestige of Formula 1 into an amusement park.

Happy fans: “Much better than 2022”

After the catastrophic 2022, Autodrom had something to lose, but the Temple of Speed ​​got its hands on it and improvements are visible. More water fountains, no tokens, and more organized checks..

Not only the fanzone, but the whole organization has improved.. explains Elisa from Cremona. “They removed the tokens and replaced them with cash and credit cards, which is a much more efficient system. They also took a big step forward in queue management.”

Ticket prices are still too high according to many, but the road seems to be correct. However, since this is a long-term project, we will also have to wait for the next releases.

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