Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies stars reveal their dream cameos for season 2 TV

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies ended this week Paramount+ And many fans are wondering if it will be renewed for a second season. The series ended on a gripping cliffhanger and hinted at some new features for the future, including the possible addition of Blanche, both played by Dodie Goodman. Grease in that oil 2, Blanche is the secretary of Miss McGee, the headmistress who played the character. Grease, Blanche is Miss McGee’s secretary, plays the principal eve arden in the movies. In the prequel series, Miss McGee is the assistant principal of Riddell High and is played by Jackie Hoffman, In the season finale, Miss McGee is looking for an assistant, meaning Blanche could probably make an appearance if the show is ever renewed. Recently, had the opportunity to speak with Marisa Davila (Jane Facciono) E Tricia Fukuhara (Nancy Nakagawa). The famous American site asked both actresses if they had any casting ideas for Blanche and as a result, they shared their dream cameo for the show.

,Oh wow. i really need to think about my answerDavila was asked if she had someone in mind for the role of Blanche. ,I have to think carefully about this. Although, this is the 1950s, I’m a big fan of Mrs. Maisel. I think, ‘Okay, Rachel Brosnahan ended that series. She might be in ’50s With Us… and she might even be playing Midge Maisel on our show. I think they live in the same universe, so I think that would be really fun. I know I won’t answer your question directly, but… yes, again, I think I should consider Ms. Blanche. oh that would be great,

,I mean, the list goes on, cause I’m from that worldFukuhara said when asked if there were any Broadway legends she would like to appear in Rise of the Pink Ladies. ,So I started doing it. But in this world I think Kristen Chenoweth would be amazing, right? How cute would that be. But I also have to say, because I lived on the same floor and was essentially next door to Titus Burgess… I was like, “Oh my God.” I would love to see him too. I have no idea what it will do or where we can put it, but it would be really fun. I literally saw her with her laundry basket and my jaw dropped. Thankfully I had a mask. Otherwise I would have felt very embarrassed. But my eyeballs popped out of my head and then one day I heard Beyoncé singing them. like, ‘oh you’re so cool,

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