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Religious people AtaturkHe doesn’t like. but…

Religious people AtaturkHe loves very much.

There is a big difference between religious and non-religious people.

religious, God having faith, God He is the one who works for Him and submits to Him. It has distinctive and superior qualities.

religious Who use religion for their own purposes God He is the one who raises his name and benefits himself. He is a scammer who takes advantage of people.


Professor of Islamic philosophy Yasar Nuri Ozturk, Ataturk He was a high-ranking, enlightened and truly religious man. He is hers 7 We lost her a year ago.

Yashar Nuri Hodja With his close friend Mustafa Kucukslan‘to BeyoğluThere were days when we had long conversations in his workshop in .

Our conversations were always about the problems of the country, religion and reaction. Yashar Nuri HodjaAmong his words that I remember are:

“Do not look at whether a man is praying or not, whether he is reciting the Basmala or not. You will see whether what this man eats is forbidden or not!”


Yasar Nuri Ozturk, TürkiyeHe felt sad when he said that Turkey was heading towards being among the unfortunate countries in the world, and he summarized his thoughts as follows:

“Türkiye last Muslim More advanced and more civilized than other countries… Is it because they have oil and money? no! On the contrary, oil and money, he is unhappy Muslim Countries have money, but they are in a miserable state, far from civilization.

Türkiye, AtaturkThanks to the bright and rational method Islam It was in a different situation than other countries, however Ataturk Unfortunately, due to hostility, our country is heading towards the ranks of unhappy and miserable countries. If it continues like this in the coming years Türkiye“Destroyed countries” Even if it’s not between “Unhappy countries” It will definitely be on the list. If things do not improve, destruction will follow!”


Religion Scientist Yasar Nuri Ozturkthose words 2015 And he said in. He has a great vision. His expectations were fulfilled.

Passing by 8 every year Türkiye Come back as he said “Unhappy countries” It’s on the list!

Announced last week “Global Happiness Index”in 112 between countries 102We are the first! It is about to become the most miserable country! Yashar Nuri Hodja this 8 It was reported a year ago.

The point we have reached should be a warning to us!

The sad fate of Muslims!

late Yasar Nuri Ozturk Hodja, Shortly before his death, his close friend Mustafa KucukslanHe wrote a letter to:

“I’m going to go on a TV show now. I’ll shout it out there. Save this article, when the day comes, you’ll say ‘Hoga was right'” He said.

Yashar Nuri HodjaThe message he sent to his friend was as follows:

The sad fate of Muslims!

1) The countries where Muslims perished: Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria.

2) Countries where Muslims feel unhappy: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkestan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia.

3) Countries where Muslims live happily: England, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, America, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark.

Sad fact: Muslims are either miserable or miserable in all Muslim countries… And in all non-Islamic countries Happy and fun…

Where is the town hall? no!

A research writer, one of my old readers Semih KalkanogluI have received a legitimate complaint letter from .

“Is there a municipality in Beylikduzu?” Asks Kalkanoglu He says:

“IstanbulPercent on bread in 33 It has been uploaded 200 Gram of bread 6 From the lira 8 It rose to the lira.

BeylikduzuIndependent bakery in , this morning 200 Gram bread From 10 lira The sale has started.

Where is the town hall? no!

Where is the state? no!

Who will you complain to?

Finish this oven 3 Several times a year Republican People’s PartyWe complained to the municipality and nothing changed! I wonder why?

There must be an answer to this question!

Quote of the day

those who practice injustice, To find injustice It should be ready!

release date: 05:00, 12 November 2023

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