Great game against Arsenal finally starts, Gundogan and Romeu are also attractive

finally. angels will be a late debut scene fc barcelona against him in the preseason arsenal The next morning (04:30am/TV3 and Movistar+), it was a good game, after canceling last Saturday against Juventus Half of Barca’s squad were infected before departure due to massive outbreak of viral gastroenteritis santa clara.have a wish Barcelona Watch how the various parts of this increasingly rejuvenated squad are beginning to come together and continue last season’s rebuilding phase. There is a new captain (Sergi Roberto, Ter Stegen, Araujo and De Jong), in legends (e.g., Sergio Busquets and Jody Alba and signings with a lot of competing genes Ilkay Gundogan, Oriol Romeu and Inigo Martinez.

The latter won’t be released just yet due to his plantar fasciitis issues fading, but the first two will be, and have had countless games with him. arsenal After working in English football for so many years. It was the “gunners” who were robbed Cityand Gundogan As the captain and midfield pillar, the last World Cup Super League.Turkish Germans are also hungry Barcelona He arrived with great humility, and that doesn’t exonerate his bloodline for a team that wanted to start a tough summer on the right foot. real Madrid and milan As the following important opponents before Gamper against him tottenham hotspur the same week the league starts Getafe Sunday, August 13.

The countdown has begun and Javi Hernandez You will be able to take the first test and draw conclusions in front of experts arsenal He has the same football ideology.hand Mikel Arteta The caress has already been seen in the last season Prime Minister that was indisputably long before manchester city of Guardiola.he DNA of farmhouse Still a path to success, and it’s proven Barcelona of Harvey reconquer alliance Three years later.

Last game Barcelona-Arsenal

Vane Mauri

In addition to the above Inigothey will all follow the command of coach Egalens and participate in a game that reports nearly 3 million euros to the team. Barcelona After the stick, it means not taking part in a friendly match against an opponent without gaining two “kilograms” Juventus. Harvey He will distribute the playing time of his players carefully, the training volume is very small compared with the 12 internationals who joined nine days ago, and the impact of gastroenteritis has also added obstacles. However, choosing a fixed headquarters (angels) is a source of satisfaction as HQ for more than a week instead of traveling more Harveywhich can also send messages to transferable assets, such as frank casey and Ferran Torreseven more reluctant to leave the club. Clement Langley He’s taken it on, it remains to be seen how well it plays out Sergino Durst Without signing on the right.Another motivating factor is children’s roles in the home Yamal layer (age 16), and the central Mikhail Fayemedia Alex Garrido and Mark Casado and midfielder Fermin Lopez.

(+) A box full of mystery

This is how they announced the new white jersey and jersey of FC Barcelona.

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