Greg Harden, who helps Michigan athletes, has new book

After the summer break — partly to recharge and partly to allow CBS Detroit to focus on getting its local news operations up and running (which is a good start) — “Michigan Matters” will return and air this weekend Out more than ever.

This hiatus marks my first time away from television in 18 years, and while I continue to fill the void each week for the Detroit Free Press and host many events in our community, it has given me the opportunity to reflect and examine my own perspective About work, work-life balance and other life-related issues.

So it seems fitting (and ironic) that when the show returns, my first guest will be someone who has made a career of providing perspective and encouragement to thousands of people during a remarkable 42-year journey. But when we were scheduled to record, guest Greg Harden was unwell. Fortunately, we had spoken by phone before (so I could write this column), and I would invite him on the air later.

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