Greta Gerwig is hard at work on a ‘Barbie’ sequel

Greta Gerwig has starred in popular films over the years, most of them starring Saoirse Ronan, but nothing has left as big an impact as Barbie. It felt more like a cultural movement than just a movie, and accomplished everything Chris Nolan hoped for. note Fine. Look, he had his time to shine during his Batman era. This is the circle of life.

But now it’s Barbie the fever is over (before everyone clogs up your Instagram feed Barbie suits on October 31), many are wondering how Gerwig can top this. She doesn’t even seem sure.

The director was at the BFI London Film Festival this weekend when she was asked about her next project. “I’m in the process of writing,” she said, before admitting, “And it’s hard because I have recurring nightmares.” Sometimes great movie ideas come from nightmares! How did we all learn from Barbie, having strong emotions is very important, so it’s actually not that bad.

Gerwig is working on a variety of projects, including writing Snow White adaptation, but her next directorial project is quite the undertaking. She is currently working on not one, but two projects for Netflix based on the novel by K.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia book series, so nightmares about witches and Turkish delight are definitely expected.

(Hollywood Reporter)

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