Greta Gerwig is surprised that she got away with a few jokes

Greta Gerwig talks about the exquisite Barbie jokes she wrote thinking no one would understand or challenge, starting with a reference to Marcel Proust.

Myself Barbie is at the top of the Italian box office rankings and is on its way to breakneck success worldwide, and thanks to the wit of its jokes, some more understandable and others more refined that only someone can understand. As we know it was the same one who wrote them Greta Gerwig together with her husband Noah Baumbachand their feathers have an independent coloring of the film, which surprisingly fits perfectly with the logic of the blockbuster.

Proust Barbie Memory

Only the most cultural jokes Barbiebehind which are hidden vast knowledge and a lot of irony, I wanted to speak there Gerwig in radio interviews, explaining how he felt when he wrote them, and especially for whom. Here are his words:

There are lines in the movie that might make someone laugh, like when Barbie says “I have a memory of Proust” and someone else says “Remember Barbie Proust? Sales didn’t go well.” I mean stuff like that, and I can’t believe we put jokes like that in the movie and it’s because we kind of wrote them for ourselves.

It’s not true what a joke Marcel Proust three of them understood it, we would like to answer Greta Gerwigbecause even those who have not read In search of lost time he knows the episode with madeleines, delicious sweets. The moment in From Svan (which is the first book of a monumental work), narrator Marseilles try madeleine with linden tea, feel a deep inner upheaval. This fragrance evokes in him memories of his aunt, who, when he was little, always gave him a piece of madeleine, after dipping it in her lime infusion.
Now many sites dedicated to cinema insert into articles about Barbie chapter titled: Who Was Marcel Proust? We, who studied him at school, cannot help but wince, but in fact, many do not know the writer. Anyway, Margot Robbie she says she has Proustian memories when she enters her box and smells a scent that takes her back to the past. Right after Will Ferrell adds that Barbie Proust very few were sold.

The film is mine!

The erudite literary reference we’re talking about confirms the complexity of a film like Barbiefeature is that without Greta Gerwigwould not be in the movie. Woman Baumbach in fact, she is known and appreciated for her ability to handle complex issues such as mother-daughter relationships (in Ladybug) or the transition from childhood to adolescence and adulthood of women in Small woman. The director really wanted to direct Barbie, and in radio interviews she always said:

I thought: I can’t stand the idea that this film will be made by someone else.

There are many other exquisite jokes Barbiewhich makes it a pop movie. Then a lot of references to films and television. Just think of a scene in which a gorgeous man is shown on TV. Colin Firth in the BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice.

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