Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza on the shoulders of Huesca

August 14, 2023, Huesca, Luis Albaran Bulls, full field.

Leonardo Hernández (Silence and Two Ears); Mario Pérez Langa (Two Ears and One Ear); and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendo Sa (silence and two ears).

Rejoneador Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza first appeared in Basil City.

He made the trek from Malaga, where he had won the day before. Aside from the square, the other Navarran debut was at the cattle farm of Luís Albarán, who he found difficult to get along with at first, and for most of the job he looked out of place. Comfortable. Already with Martin Joe, he had to meet three times before the grill was placed, and the Bulls always seemed strange when they met. The rest of the first task was also marked by a lack of understanding between bull and horse at the meeting, which undercut the excellent performance the riders had accomplished. The best moments came when ESSENTIAL wore a short belt and two hands, and Guillermo pierced the death grate more than once, despite the fact that the bulls were no longer helping.

In the sixth inning, Guillermo went out to fry the boiler.

This bull has more presence and attacks with more regularity than the first bull, but the rider and stable have to give more to start a win they don’t want to lose. With the experience of such horses as JIBARO, BERLIN, ILLUSION and ESENTIAL, he marks in the embroidery a grumpy and truthful mission, without fanfare, but with a very varied race, interjected in a long and gentle quarrel with BERLIN Styled differently and short and round, more burst than ILLUSION. ESSENTIAL is again a guarantee in the final third, with the perfect death grille, the door is wide open.

Jesús Javier Copas Moleón

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