GUTS by Olivia Rodrigo: album lyrics and translations

Olivia Rodrigo kicked off his new musical era by releasing today, September 8, his second album titled GUTS!

Thus, the 20-year-old actress and singer continues her creative career after the huge success of her debut album. SOUR.

The new project mainly focuses on events in Olivia’s life when she was nineteen years old and the problems that come with it.

A year “full of confusion, mistakes, embarrassment and old-fashioned teenage angst,” is how he described the phase of his life that came together to form GUTS.

main song, a vampirewas released on June 30, followed by bad idea, right?released August 11th.

Guts by Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics

1. all American bitches
2. bad idea, right?
3. vampire
4. lace
5. ballad about a girl who is homeschooled
6. make the bed
7. logical
8. return it
9. love is embarrassing
10. resentment
11. beautiful ugly
12. teenage dream

Olivia Rodrigo talks about her new album

To get ahead of the record, he made a number of hints to fans until he fully revealed the tracklist via social media on August 1st.

Prior to the release of GUTS, the singer told The New York Times that her record project was blending with the rock genre this time around, and she said:

(I) always loved rock music and I always wanted to find a way to make it feel like my own, feminine, and at the same time tell a story and say something vulnerable and intimate.”.

“I really feel like the album is really incredibly diverse. There are other kinds of ballads – (for example) I think I consider Vampire to be a ballad on a record – but yeah, I don’t know! Everything is completely different.” Olivia confessed via Billboard.

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