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The paradoxes you favor don’t need to be explained or even understood. Just like here, I love a generation like my mother who wants so badly to get back to the rock in front of the stage. Sacant that this same generation, before the old habit of chier à pleines coliques on the first morceau à guitars, dares here – a shameful crime! – s’adjuger le moindre succès populaire.

In this context, write down everything we think about. Gutssecond albumOlivia Rodrigothis will clarify the anger of the radically “alternative” public and which has the right to stop here the lecture about this chronicle, for the autant who first searches here for the artist’s article, not plusiours credits ont déjà francs les billion d’écoutes on Spotify.

If the suspense lasts longer: after 20 years, Olivia Rodrigo signs a contract with Guts The pop-rock nugget here is touted right in the ranks of the 3 great albums of the first quarter of the century, surpassing the passable excellent SOUR. In 40 lush minutes, the Californian song covers all the moments of the master disc: sens inné du refrain qui caresse d’une main et cogne de l’autre (“Vampire”), which is absolutely necessary to get past the College Rock record. (“Bad idea, huh? Titles.” Like his sons, the superstar poses so loudly during a suite of piano arpegges that they want to hear the tone in front of a wall of frantic guitars.

Here, Olivia Rodrigo stands on the cusp of a generation of troubled adults, already fed and fed by pandemics, controversial armed conflicts, climate anxiety, multiple promises of the benefits of influence and the media omnipresence of boomers. predators in the world. En revanche, ce qui surprend le Square derrière ces ces lignes, this is what Guts Reussisse the Great écart parfait pour toucher right au coeur les Parfait de ces mems ados.

The album seems to resuscitate a recipe that was very much part of our musical education in the 90s environment. MTV dispelled enthusiasm in music and contributed to the emergence of all the pop scenes with references to punk. These same pop icons of the nineties are here, for sure, serving as a springboard for the most edgy music. This again Guts aurait can be temporarily adapted so that it returns to the beautiful luretes so much that it evokes the names of these Green Day, Breeders OU Cake. Encore nostalgia encore loin, pourrait même entender dans ce disque la Band-son parfaite d’une des grandes serie de tous les times: Daria.

Well, the truth is, all these cold-blooded crowds are pretending they weren’t influenced by MTV. Now I’m sure that you went directly through “Dance of the Ducks” Slow Dive and Jackie’s show Helmet. More than once, you’ve been 11 years old and now have until 2am to watch a live show. John Spencer Blues Explosion sur Alternative Nation. Olivia Rodrigo suddenly opens the door to all these snobs. There are no serious problems with kieffe Offspring OU Without a doubt forward forest Melvins. And take your foot in écoutant Guts You’ll also find the quality of your 97 memorabilia in the dark bar, a little known side project of fils of my voice here with three bass notes on the first album Tom Waits. From now on I will give you a commentary on Olivia Rodrigo’s concert at the Antwerp sports center at the Prochain Apéro. You are under no obligation to do our work.

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