Haaland threatens Cristiano Ronaldo’s record

Erling Haaland He was a man of the hour in European football last season. manchester city And maintained a form that would be the envy of any forward in the world.

Haaland makes history super league Set a new record for goals in a single season in the Championship as he surpassed it with 36 goals Alan Shearer In the nineties. Additionally, “Android” has become the leader in individual goals with his six goals so far this season.

as it once shone Haaland Since his debut, at club level Mold In his country, he also started doing this with the national team and excelled with the Norwegian team.

In his first 26 games for the national team, Haaland The team has scored an impressive 25 goals, which means an average of almost 1 goal per game, which is rare in the team’s history. football.

During this period FIFA dates The Nordic attacker clarified his role as a character at the end of the recent Norway Scored a key goal and defeated the opponent 2-1 Georgiawhich gives them access to Euro 2024.

We have the best example of this caliber of scoring performance among the all-time leaders in terms of goals scored in this area and we’re talking about cristiano ronaldo.

Will Haaland threaten Cristiano Ronaldo’s record?

CR7 In terms of his performance in the senior national team, he is the top scorer in football history with a record of 123 goals. This number seems to be light years away from Haaland’s results. However, it is important to mention To the Portuguese he was 16 years old citizen This data of his was achieved in 201 games.

To this end, the former player Borussia Dortmund His goals average is better than his own Christianity So far, if we keep this scoring inertia going, the mark of a legend is on the way.

The key is Haaland To reach this record, in addition to a significant increase in goals, the Norwegian team also needs to have the best collective performance to represent the national team in more games, because so far, the Norwegian team has not been able to compete.exist world cup Nor is it the European Cup, which reduces their chances of increasing their statistics.

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