Hahn health representatives encourage COPD patients to get flu and coronavirus vaccines

Hahn, November 15th. (European media) –

Elena González, regional representative for health and consumer affairs of the Jaén Council, encourages patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to get vaccinated against influenza viruses and covid-19 during these months.

“There is no doubt that this will help them prevent certain complications that may occur with the disease itself,” he said during a visit to an information table installed at the Jaén hospital on the occasion of World COPD Day on Wednesday. Javier Vadillo, general manager of the center, and Gerardo Pérez Chica, chief of the pulmonary department

González also announced that the University Hospital of Jaén is working with the Ministry of Health to take the next step in applying advanced technology to the treatment of lung-related diseases.

In this sense, he underlined the “commitment of the Andalusian government to provide hospitals with the best infrastructure and services” and also mentioned the new pulmonary consulting room located in the semi-basement of the Medical-Surgical Hospital. hospital, after renovation and renovation of the pulmonology consultation area.

“Recently it has expanded its facilities with a total area of ​​380 square meters, reallocated consultation facilities to improve functionality and added an additional facility to what hitherto constituted the area,” he commented. Medical-Surgical and Diagnostic Center The total budget investment for project execution is €240,000.

The Representative recalled that COPD is a disease characterized by chronic, progressive and irreversible airflow limitation. He added, “This poses an important public health issue because patients suffer from respiratory dysfunction, which has a significant impact on their quality of life.”

It is estimated to affect 10.2% of the population aged 40 to 79 years, with 90% of cases linked to tobacco consumption and, to a lesser extent, contamination, repeated infections or genetic factors.

Although it is serious and disabling, it is a preventable and treatable disease, and assistance provided by primary care plays a fundamental role in promoting its treatment and control. In this area, smoking cessation, early diagnosis and use of prescribed medications (inhaled bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs) form the basis of the management of these patients at different stages of the disease.

However, scientific research and clinical practice guidelines also indicate that this approach represents only one part of the approach to this pathology. It must be complemented by other non-pharmacological interventions and therapeutic education, which is essential to develop comprehensive care that covers all aspects of pathology.

aviation plan

On the other hand, González mentioned the Ayre Plan, an initiative of the Center for Health Emergencies 061, as well as the Andalusian Emergency and Emergency Plan of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, which is linked to the Andalusian Asthma and In collaboration with the Allergy Patients Association, the Andalusian Health Service and different scientific associations.

“Exactly today, as we mark World COPD Day, it is appropriate to highlight Plan Ayer,” he said of a program for patients who have been admitted to the ICU with asthma or have been hospitalized at least once for severe asthma. .People who have had heart disease or asthma or angina, arrhythmias, allergies, or obesity in the past year.

Likewise, it is targeted at children under five years of age with bronchiolitis; people with anaphylaxis (very severe allergies) requiring hospitalization due to stings, ingestion of food or other substances, patients with poorly controlled disease, pregnant women or patients exposed to tobacco smoke.

“The goal of this program is to improve emergency health care and promote the prevention of crises or relapses in such patients,” concluded the regional health and consumer affairs representative.

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